Stress and Burnout Syndrome

"Let your work buoy you up, not tow you under."

Jacques Tati (1907 - 1982)

In our fast-moving times, stress is a term commonly applied to situations where people feel strained or unable to cope.

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Sometimes, a difference is made between beneficial stress (also called eustress), which also holds an element of motivation, and negative stress (also called distress), which can lead to disease in the short or in the long term.

Stress Is Generally Based on Fear

Negative stress is often caused by fear or a feeling of not being able to manage. The person affected by sudden outside stress feels unable to cope, his creativity is paralysed and his capacity to work and its quality can be negatively affected. On top of it all, stress will also take a huge toll on health.

Therapy Options and Relaxation Techniques

It is important to recognise opportunities and possibilities to snub all manner of both personal and work-related stress. Deep breathing, yoga, meditation, healthy and sufficient sleep, exercise, and being calm are just some examples of things you can do to help you replenish your energy reserves. Let us look at being calm, for example: What do athletes or artist do before an important performance? They seek out a calm place to collect their strength and energy for the important undertaking ahead.



In our hectic times, an ever-increasing number of people is affected by burnout syndrome. Performance, time pressure and an absolute drive for success are often foremost concerns at work and increasingly also at home. Burnout is generally caused by permanent stress and poses a huge threat to our health. It is important to expose the agents that cause permanent stress (stressors) and look at them from a certain distance and with common sense.

This often requires a targeted talking or psychotherapy. Adequate natural remedies and/or homeopathy (no psychotropic drugs!) may temporarily serve to help prevent psychosomatic disease or alleviate any pre-existing health disorders naturally. Naturopathy equips us with appropriate, biological, plant-based compounds, and homeopathy, too, offers valuable remedies to fit the patient's personal profile.

"Do well what you do, and only do this, and consider nothing more important than what you do in this moment."


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