Case Studies

In this section we present a sample of cases from our practice. All names have been changed to maintain patient confidentiality.


Case Study No. 1

Jonathan, 6 months old, diaper rash

Jonathan presents with a rash, small red pimples and irritated skin in the diaper area as well as on the backs of his knees and in the crooks of his arms.

He has had this condition for 3 months: the eczema is starting to spread from the groin towards the stomach.

Several ointments prescribed by the paediatrician and prepared by the GP did nothing to alleviate the condition. If anything, the rash seems to have spread even further.
Jonathan appears well-nourished, moon-shaped face with slightly reddened cheeks; apart from that he appears very calm and relaxed; he shows a strong temper in the presence of food!

He also had his first tooth one week ago! His bowel movements are somewhat sluggish, almost bordering on constipation.

After taking personalised homeopathic medication for 3 weeks the rash was reduced by half; his bowel movements have already normalised during the first week (including "enormous loads" at the beginning, according to the mother!)

After a further 3 weeks, all areas of skin had cleared.

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Case Study No. 2

Hanna, 4, flu-like syndrome with frontal lobe headaches, fever and green nasal mucus

Hanna has been afflicted with febrile flu for 5 days. The mother has administered Junifen on several occasions to lower the fever. However, the headaches have gotten worse and the mucus became increasingly viscous.

Apart from that, Hanna feels better outside; her nose becomes unblocked and the mucus starts flowing; the headache is also alleviated. Her right eye is red and inflamed and tears at intervals, especially in heated rooms. She sweats predominantly at the head and predominantly at night.

Furthermore, she is very clingy and tearful.

Her mental state of development is fully expressed in her febrile flu: I support it with a homeopathic remedy with personalised potency corresponding to the overall symptomatology. Two days later, Hanna is fully recovered.


Case Study No. 3

Richard, 71, recurring cystitis after prostate surgery, 5 years ago

"I'm sick of taking antibiotics all the time... something's got to change! I always feel so tired and lustless."

With this statement Richard arrives at my practice after 7 years: he blamed his lack of energy, fatigue and listlessness on his recurrent treatments with antibiotics.
He also suffers from recurring inflammation of the bowel and takes up to 32 mg of cortisone a day to treat it. His stomach is very tender, especially when eating acidic foods.

I prescribe a homeopathic remedy targeting the liver in different potencies as well as a remedy to support his bladder function. Additionally, willowherb tea 2 to 3 times daily.
Later, I prescribe a homeopathic detoxifying agent to be taken over an extended period of time; now he feels at his best with a follow-up homeopathic supplement.

His overall energy has improved considerably. He has more courage, is energized and motivated to venture out.

Now, apart from his homeopathic remedies, he takes Iberogast for his stomach, when needed.

We were also able to reduce his cortisone intake from 32 mg daily to 2 mg every other day.

His cystitides are a thing of the past.

The choice of homeopathic remedy is often influenced by the overall symptomatology as well as the patient's individual characteristics.


Case Study No. 4

Lydia, 35, teacher, mother of 2; uterine cyst

Description: slender, dark brown hair, brown eyes, pale complexion.

Lydia had been my patient for 3 years to treat her hay fever, acne and susceptibility to stress.

She took her homeopathic constitutional remedy in different potentiations with a degree of frequency: within 10 months the acne had vanished completely; her hay fever had abated fully after her second year of treatment. In situations of high stress, she resorted to Rescue Remedy.

The cyst was diagnosed by her gynaecologist, 30 mm in diameter, with the recommendation to have it surgically removed. Following this recommendation, she came to me because she wanted to avoid surgery.

I prescribed – in conjunction with her constitutional remedy in high potency – a homeopathic tissue remedy in different potencies, from low to high for a duration of around 3 months.

Another ultrasound examination 5 months later came up negative: the cyst had disappeared.


Case Study No. 5

Eliane, 38, mother of 2 daughters, very strong fear of loss, stomach pains, sinusitis

Fear of losing her loved ones, especially her children. She states that it was worst during the first 6 months after each of her daughters was born.

To counter her fear of loss she has been taking Seroxat for several months which makes her feel very foggy.

Normally, she says, she is a power woman, but still highly sensitive. She has been separated from her partner for about a year now. She still misses her mother very much, who died of cancer while Eliane was pregnant with her second daughter. Eliane feels that crying might help her, but she does not seem to be able to!

She is seldom thirsty and drinks very little except for coffee. She also enjoys alcoholic beverages – such as beer, red wine and sparkling wine.

I prescribe a so-called homeopathic sorrow remedy in high potency as I suspect a deep-rooted, underlying sadness within her.

After 4 weeks her stomach pains and fear of loss have vanished; her sinuses are clear. She has already reduced her dose of Seroxat herself. 1 month later she does not need the Seroxat any longer.

She continues taking her "sorrow remedy" for another 6 weeks. After that she receives her homeopathic constitutional remedy at long intervals.


Case Study No. 6

Laurence, 3, recurring pneumonia

Laurence has had pneumonia 3 times and has been afflicted with bronchitis many times more.

In her short life she has already received antibiotics and medication such as Atrovent, Ventolin, Lysox, etc. 7 times.

Laurence knows exactly what she wants. When playing with her dolls she does so in a low commanding voice. She does not cry easily; but if she does it sounds more like a wail. Her mother describes her as being a difficult child.

At her first visit, Laurence is still very congested and presents a deep, chesty cough. In the past days she was febrile with a temperature of 38 to 39°C.
Her face is very pale, with red lips. Loss of appetite.

To start with, she receives an acute remedy in high potency spread throughout the day over 4 days; as well as a remedy to strengthen her immune system, to be taken at night over 5 days.

After 8 days her cough and strong congestion have disappeared completely. The mother states that Laurence has become much easier to handle.

2 weeks later, after having gone swimming, a cough with clear nasal mucus starts to develop: she receives her so-called type remedy with a potency of 1,000. The following day she is right as rain. 6 weeks after that another bronchitis starts up. Again, she receives her type remedy. 1 to 2 days later she is perfectly jolly once again, states her mother. Her appetite has returned, too.

To date, Laurence has been asymptomatic for 13 months; her social behaviour is impeccable, at home as well as in day care.


Case Study No. 7

Jeanine, 55, breast cancer (mammary carcinoma)

Jeanine presents at my practice during the course of her chemotherapy, i.e. 8 sessions at 3-week intervals. She came after receiving her second chemotherapy.

She complains about nausea and vomiting, especially in the mornings until around 11 am, loss of appetite as well as intense fatigue and general weakness. She appears occasionally depressive; her complexion is sallow, and she seems to lack perspective.

Her blood pressure tends to be too low: her husband died a year ago as a result of his second heart attack, her mother died two years ago. She has one daughter whom she only sees at the weekends due to her studying in another town.

She worries about her financial situation, but also about her daughter. There does not appear any good cause for either. She feels lonely and abandoned, and is still grieving for her husband and her mother.



1 homeopathic "sorrow remedy" in successively different potencies

1 Omega 3-6-9 supplement to strengthen her emotional balance as well as her circulation

Spirulina (seaweed) 3 times daily, high dosage

a multivitamin supplement as well as Vitamin C 3 times daily

The homeopathic remedy proved effective after only 2 days: she feels much more energetic and seem much more positive when I talk to her on the phone!
3 weeks later I am pleased to welcome a woman who is very much altered from when I first met her. Here is a woman with new perspectives and plans for her future.

To drain the adverse effects of the chemotherapy, I lent her a so-called radiation converter, i.e. a device equipped with electrodes which are used to remove negative vibrations and improve energy flow.

According to her medical progress reports the chemotherapy was successful, the tumour has almost disappeared; she is still to receive her 8th and final chemotherapy and is positive that she is going to recover.

After 3 months of treatment with the initial remedy, I prescribe her constitutional remedy which still ensures that she remains stable, both energetically and emotionally.


Case Study No. 8

Marcel, 68, retired teacher, anal fissure and tremor of the hands for over 50 years

This patient has repeatedly been suffering from haemorrhoids over the past 30 years, which can be very painful (extreme burning and itching sensation). Ointments only helped to alleviate symptoms up to a point.

According to his latest medical reports issued just before he presented at my practice he was afflicted by an anal fissure! (concerning the subjective symptoms, it presents a clinical picture that is very similar to that of haemorrhoids)

Additional Problem: He has been suffering from a tremor of the hands whenever he feels the slightest bit anxious since he was 14 years old – he is very emotional, he says.

He had always tried to hide the tremor, as it made him uncomfortable, but he had never been able to. It is something that has caused him feelings of insecurity his whole life; at times, he claims, he felt humiliated by it. Recently, he has become very unhappy and sad.

He cries easily, at worst during movies! Hives on the arms and very prominent hyperhidrosis of the feet, but no smell. He has been a passionate tennis player for 40 years.

Medication: At the beginning, the initial remedy caused profuse sweating all over the body (a good sign!) and improved the skin on the arms. His mood improved, too, The sweating ceased over time and emotionally he experiences grandiose moments, as he says! A protracted case which lasts almost 1 year! However, looking at his 30 year "case history", this is quite normal! Concerning the anal fissure, improvement came with a homeopathic carbon remedy: the fissure healed completely within 6 weeks.

The tremor, too has become almost imperceptible to Marcel and others around him. Now, I receive holiday postcards from Marcel on a regular basis confirming his state of health: TOUT VA BIEN!


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