Bach Flowers


Dr. Bach's Flower Remedies were developed by the British physician Dr. Edward Bach (1888-1936), who also lent the treatment his name.

Why Bach Flowers?

Having practised medicine for several decades Dr. Bach realised that it was, foremost, the patients' emotional state that needed to be treated in order to cure a disease. He suspected that the patients' negative frame of mind, which would eventually take bodily manifestation, was the fundamental cause of the disease. Many of us are familiar with these kinds of recurrent emotional states: diverse fears, anxiety, insecurity, discontentedness, restlessness or depression. As soon as these become an everyday occurrence there is a possibility that they might also take bodily manifestation after a certain amount of time. Bach Flowers are able to disperse these emotional states.


How do they work?

Dr. Bach defined 38 different types of flowers. They are a gentle and highly effective method to bring the emotional state back onto a positive level and help stabilize it there. Successful therapy with Bach Flowers requires a comprehensive initial diagnosis as well as the full cooperation of the patient. As with homeopathic case intake, this often helps discover connections that proof to be important for the successful application of the compatible flower or combination of flowers.


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