"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food"
Hippocrates, Greek physician (460-377 BC)

This quote by Hippocrates still holds true today! But unfortunately, nowadays, people don't always eat the kind of food that could make or keeps them healthy. Individual circumstances, attitude to life as well as many other factors also contribute largely to whether someone will fall ill at some point in their life or not.

Phytotherapy is the oldest form of medicine and one of the key elements in naturopathy. Many medicinal plants have been known and applied successfully for centuries. They offer an immense wealth of experience for naturopathy to draw from. Due to its yellow colouring, greater celandine, for example, has already been used in ancient Greece to treat jaundice, liver and gallbladder disease. It is still prescribed today to treat these very same conditions.

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Plants are pharmaceutically treated and made into extracts and tinctures for internal and external application as well as into ointments and teas. Often, several different medicinal plants are combined into one remedy. Below, I have described some of the pharmaceutical forms I use in my practice, such as BACH FLOWERS, GEMMOTHERAPY or MEDICINAL MUSHROOM THERAPY in more detail

Remedies Available at My Practice

Apart from the two phytotherapeutic approaches mentioned above – which might vary greatly depending on the individual clinical picture – I also use other remedies such as micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements, tea preparations, plant extracts, mother tinctures and primordial sea salts, as well as natural staple foods which have been forgotten over the years.

Homeopathy (see dedicated subpage) should never be confused with or equated to conventional herbal remedies. Although – at its base – it employs herbal remedies, it also uses basic minerals, as well as secretions and nosodes. Its unique position is also owing to the fact that these are always diluted and potentiated. Something that does not form part of phytotherapy.

Opinions still diverge on the question of whether homeopathy is part of naturopathy or medicine! If you understand the word "medicine" to refer to its traditional meaning, i.e. a means or "medium used to heal", then both camps are correct.


About Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants have a wide scope of application. They can be used as main therapy or in conjunction with other forms of therapy. Please note, that medicinal plants are also medicines. Therefore, they should be used appropriately and properly dosed.


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