The fundamental work on this method was published in 1970 by Belgian physician Dr. Paul Henry, under the name phyto-embryopathy. It's now known as gemmotherapy, a name coined by French physician Dr. Max Tetau.

What Is Gemmotherapy And How Does It Work?

Gemmotherapy uses young plant buds and shoots from shrubs and trees. Immediately after harvesting they are prepared for a range of therapeutic uses, by macerating them in a solution consisting of water, glycerine and alcohol. The plant tissue (plant buds and young shoots) contains all of the concentrated energy of the fully-grown plant in its embryonic form. So, the young cell tissue contains more nucleic acid than the rest of the tissue, i.e. information concerning plant growth and development as well as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.

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The Full Potential of The Plant

Gemmotherapy uses the full potential of the plant. Therefore, its effect can be described as global, holistic phytotherapy.


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