Enzyme Therapy

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What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are protein molecules that are present in the metabolism of all living organisms, including the human organism, where they are part of almost all naturally occuring functions.


As so-called biocatalysts, they ensure the smooth operation of metabolic processes within the cells: they do this by speeding up, or, in some cases, enabling the necessary chemical reactions. Metabolic responses which might take up to several hours without catalysts, happen within minutes or even seconds with the help of enzymes.


Overcoming Strain

Most of the time the body is required to overcome strain naturally. Here, enzymes can or sometimes even are crucial in supporting it with this process. Normally, our body produces the protein molecules it requires naturally. However, starting around the age of 30, or, depending on individual predisposition, around the age of 40 or later, the number of enzymes produced naturally in the body decreases rapidly. Unfortunately, this natural process often comes at a time when a functioning metabolism would be especially important, e.g. when under strain or continuous pressure to perform at work, when taking medication over an extended period of time, during convalescence after overcoming disease, during the menopause, when suffering from acute or chronic inflammation (e.g. rheumatism, joint complaints, etc.), when strengthening a damaged immune system, etc. During those or similar periods, a high enzyme diet as well as enzyme supplements can affect the metabolism positively.


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