Preventive and Complementary Medicine

"While allopathy can save lives in acute situations, homeopathy is able to heal."

Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke

Preventive Medicine

The main purpose of naturopathy, including homeopathy, are to purify and cleanse a body which has called in sick. At first it might nudge us very gently, only to increase in intensity if we do not respond by showing symptoms such as general malaise, pain, etc. In these situations, proven naturopathic treatments offer a made-to-measure solution without chemicals and without side effects. Their healing properties create a healthy basis, a healthy terrain, so to say, within our organism. Needless to say, that a serious disease is generally hard-pressed to find a suitable breeding ground on such a terrain.

In my practice, homeopathy has proven time and again its usefulness in preventive medicine. It delivers optimal results not only in the treatment of acute disease but also when treating older, chronic ailments which may come to light during the course of a treatment, only to be banished for good. Additionally, conscious nutrition as well as a harmonious lifestyle will promote health in the long run.


Complementary Medicine

Homeopathy as well as a number of naturopathic treatments may also be used as complimentary medicine, as they offer valuable support in helping cancer patients, for example, during or after chemotherapy. There are advanced stages of cancer where chemotherapy can save lives. Reducing its side effects to a minimum and rebuilding the diseased organism is one of the complementary tasks a conscientious alternative practitioner may perform.

In this manner convalescence may be shortened and the patient's quality of life may be improved until he is fully recovered. The aim of complementary medicine should be to help the patient achieve a stable state of health, which also helps prevent a return to the oncologist in the long term. However, regular check-ups with the former are always to be recommended.


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